What is Healthy Eating?

In a nutshell, healthy eating is ....

'The sustained practice of eating in moderation, a wide variety of fresh, wholesome and nutritious foods.'     ....TheHealthyEatingProject.com

Healthy Eating is a continuous journey where our relationship with food changes and evolves slowly, over time. 

Practicing simple habits, tips and techniques can redefine our relationship with food.  

  • What if we looked at food more as medicine?  
  • Imagine if we only ate the best quality foods and only as much as our bodies needed.  
  • Imagine if we actually listened to our bodies!  

I wonder how much we could reduce addiction, illness and disease?  How much would this improve not only the quality of our lives but also longevity? 

Are you sick and tired of feeling, well .... sick and tired? I certainly was!  With a long history of asthma, eczema, a mounting list of food allergies, thyroid problems and persistent UTI’s (urinary tract infections) spanning decades.  Good health has never been something I've been able to take for granted.

Not to mention working in the corporate world, raising and supporting my family, running our home, spending time living and working abroad AND trying to find some time for interests of my own (yoga, piano lessons and of course, healthy eating!).  It is very difficult NOT to become 'burned out'!   

Naturally when we feel 'burned out' our mood is lower, our productivity and effectiveness at home and at work is lower, our resilience to all of life’s ups and downs is lower – in other words everyone suffers - our children, partners, friends, bosses, colleagues and last, but certainly not least - ourselves!  

 What's in it for you? 

Adopting a healthy eating lifestyle can substantially improve health and wellbeing.  Not only will you be healthier, you are able to perform better physically, mentally, as well as being more stable emotionally. 

Eating healthy will help your skin glow more, your hair shine more and create stronger, healthier, happier bodies without the constant battle, disappointment and cost associated with 'dieting'. 

In conjunction with some regular exercise and a healthy sleeping pattern, healthy eating will increase your energy.  So you can keep up with your family, your hobbies, your work and still have the energy to get more out of this unique opportunity we call ‘living’.

Ready to get started?  Great! Let’s get started then!  One step at a time - let's do it together.  

TheHealthyEatingProject is your guide to simple, practical ideas to help you build strong, healthy bodies for yourself and your family while enjoying delicious, mouthwatering, fresh, healthy foods….. every single meal, every single day.

From me to you .... Happy Healthy Eating!