Healthy Breakfast Recipes
To Jump-Start Your Busy Day

We all know breakfast is commonly referred to as ‘the most important meal of the day’; so here are some quick, easy healthy breakfast recipes and ideas to jump-start your day.  

But first, let's take a closer look at ....

Why is a Healthy Breakfast Important?

According to Wikipedia, current research has shown that people who skip breakfast are disproportionately likely to have problems with metabolism, weight and cardiac health.  While current professional opinions are largely in favour of breakfast, some contest its 'most important' status.

As we haven’t fed our bodies overnight (ideally 10-12 hours), a breakfast packed with nutrients gets our metabolism going and gives us the energy we need to make the most of our day.  It also sets us up for better healthy eating decisions.

Chia Pudding

A healthy breakfast is important - so don't skip it!  Skipping breakfast increases the likelihood of making poor healthy eating decisions for the rest of the day.

Breakfast foods vary widely across the planet, but often include a:

  • carbohydrate such as grains, cereals, fruit, vegetables
  • protein such as eggs, meat or fish; and
  • beverage such as tea, coffee, milk or juice.

In western society it's very common to consume one of the following food types for breakfast:

  • Bread;
  • Cereal;
  • Baked goods (muffin, croissant, danish etc);
  • Yoghourt or Fromage Frais;
  • Eggs;
  • Cereal Bars; and
  • Tea or Coffee

Australian Choice website had an interesting free article on Breakfast cereals and muesli’s dated May 2015. See link for more (this link will display in a separate browser window).

Starting the Day Right...

We prefer to kick start the day with a little internal cleansing. We’ve been doing this for years now and frankly REALLY miss it if we’ve run short of lemons or grapefruit.  My husband will even take a walk at lunchtime to stock up on lemons or ruby grapefruit rather than contemplate the next morning without it. :) 

Lemon & Honey Drink Recipe

When we get up, we juice ½ - 1 lemon and share between 2 cups or mugs.  Add a teaspoon of honey to each cup and fill with warm boiled water.  Consume preferably about 30 minutes before breakfast.

This recipe also works well with grapefruit and our favourite … the beautiful ruby grapefruit!   On Sunday mornings we’ll take it back to bed and spend some time reading the news with our miniature poodle Shaun close by (the kids named him after ‘Shaun the Sheep’!)  The kids used to pile in with us too, but these days they’re still asleep!

What's the Recipe for a  Healthy Breakfast?

Healthy Eating Tip #7 mentions ‘eat like a king for breakfast’. This doesn’t mean eating large portions, but it does mean a breakfast packed with nutrients to adequately fuel the body.

For a healthy breakfast we need a good source of protein, some good carbohydrates and fibre, and just a little unrefined sugar for brain function.  Eat breakfast at regular times preferably between 7 - 9am each day (Healthy Eating Tip #8).

Hmm, now that I've brought it up, I have a confession.   I struggle with eating breakfast between 7 and 9am weekdays.   It used to be fine when I was taking the kids to school before starting work.  Now I leave home at 6.30am and have already eaten!  I’m about to start taking breakfast to work and see how that goes, I expect mindful eating could be an issue.   Just part of my continuing journey :).

Here are some great foods to include in your weekly healthy breakfast recipe repertoire:

  • Oats (non-refined plain oats, check the label to make sure there’s no hidden extras)
  • Greek Yoghourt
  • Fruit – e.g. grapefruit, banana, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
  • Flaxseed/linseeds – ground is best as linseeds move through the human body undigested (what a waste!).
  • Homemade Whole Grain Bread
  • Eggs

Of course variety is the spice of life.  Vary the food you eat, try different grains and proteins.  Eat fruit and vegetables in season  (Healthy Eating Tip #9). 

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Enough babbling from me!  Here are some recipes for a great start to the day – you won’t want to skip breakfast!

Happy Healthy Eating!