Healthy Dinner Recipes
to Keep Every Body Happy

Include these healthy dinner recipes in your week-day repertoire for quick, delicious food you’ll love gathering around the table for! 

But first, lets take a moment to rewind to a typical weekday evening BEFORE healthy eating became part of our lives ....

Does This Sound Familiar? 

You’ve had another hectic day at work, you’re totally drained, you’ve just walked in the door and every single member of your household (even the dog!) is asking the age old questions ‘What’s for dinner? When's dinner?’   They're not just asking once, each member of the family asks you the same question, no 'Hello' or 'How's your day?'.....  just 'What's for dinner? When's dinner?'

Did I just hear you scream? 

  1. Like, what are they doing to help anyway? and they’ll get it when it’s ready, or …
  2. Why does it always get left to you, you’re working too?  or ...
  3. If you had any idea what we were having for dinner you’d have told them already! 

This is the time when it’s really easy to grab a take out meal or a commercially pre-packaged frozen meal from the freezer, shove it in the microwave and flop down on the couch. 

Enter ... the Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Hang-on, wait a minute .... YOU don’t need to resort to take-out or the pre-packaged frozen meal because you’re on a healthy eating journey and your super prepared :).  Yeah ok, I know it’s corny…  just missing the red cape, right! 

Seriously though, because you and your nearest and dearest are on your own healthy eating journey;

  1. You already have the weekly menu planned, brimming with healthy dinner recipes - so you DO know what’s for dinner, and
  2. You also know you have everything you need - it was all delivered with the shopping earlier in the week. 

So just 30-40 minutes to pull a nutritious, fresh meal together and you’re done!  SNAP!    (It’s pretty hard to get take-out to the table in 30 minutes!)

At the end of a busy day it can be just too hard to think of something 'off the cuff' to prepare for dinner.

Planning is everything!

What Works For Us?

For me it’s really important that healthy dinner recipes are fresh and quick as well as nutritious.  Let’s face it if you don’t get the nutrition you need, you’re going to be even more drained and tired tomorrow!

As my husband and I both work full-time (and then some) in the corporate world, as well as raising our 2 beautiful teens (well they’re beautiful most of the time!) it is very much a partnership.  We split home duties. 

Our day starts 5.45am each weekday.  He has taken on the morning shift to let me get out the door by 6.30am, having had a gorgeous healthy breakfast and with a freshly assembled healthy lunch box including snacks in hand (did I mention he’s a real gem? :) ).  I’m out early so I can make sure I’m home for the evening shift, part of which is  having dinner ready before 7pm when he arrives home (and has showered after his bike ride).

I love to make dinner an occasion EVERY night.  I love making the house a 'safe haven' to come home to at the end of each busy day and relax.  It seriously takes 2-3 minutes to clear and set a nice table (inside or outside, weather permitting), put on a few candles and perhaps some low level lighting.  It’s also a great time to be able to connect with each other, relax and discuss the day. 

Healthy Eating Tips to Remember....

Please remember our Healthy Eating Tips, especially # 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9.  For your convenience, here they are again:

4.  Eat ‘mindfully’ and slowly.  Avoid multi tasking when you eat.  Concentrate on your food (and family) – chew slowly.  Taste it, enjoy it and recognize the effort involved in bringing it to your table.  Notice how much more satisfied you feel compared to unconsciously shoving something in your mouth while watching TV or surfing the net!

5.  Eat only until you’re no longer hungry, not until you’re full.  Once the habit of needing to feel full has been broken, this is a lot more comfortable.

7.  Eat like a King for breakfast; a Prince for lunch; and a Pauper for dinner.  This doesn’t mean skip dinner – just keep the portion sizes small.

8.  Eat at regular times each day, 5 - 7pm for dinner.  Avoid eating after 7pm when you can. 

9.  Variety is the spice of life.  Vary the food you eat, try different grains and proteins.  Eat fresh fruit and vegetables in season. 

Healthy Dinner Recipes

 Here are a couple of ideas and healthy dinner recipes of my own to get you started. 

Happy Healthy Eating!