How my Healthy Eating Journey Started ....

Over twenty years ago I started my married life the same as many others - working full time, renovating our first home and (of course) cooking mostly the typical pre-packaged processed foods we all seem to think we can get to the table quicker than a ‘proper’ meal.  We even get to the stage where we think pre-packaged processed foods ARE a ‘proper’ meal!  A few years on, struggling with my health, working part-time, with a beautiful young Son to care for, I spent considerable time and money on both mainstream and alternative Health Care Professionals and medicines.

Gradually, with the help of a fabulously wise Naturopath, I made the shift (one step at a time) to a healthy eating lifestyle built around fresh in-season produce (meat, fresh fruit and vegetables) - organic where possible.  Just in time for the arrival of our gorgeous Daughter.  

To say the benefits have been considerable would be an understatement!  With a long history of asthma, eczema, persistent urinary tract infections (UTI's) and allergies, I've always had issues with my health and never taken it for granted.  Changing to a healthy eating lifestyle has greatly reduced or eliminated these health issues.

My main motivation has always been our children and my belief that the best gift I could give them was a strong, healthy body.  Of course what they choose to do with it when they are of age, is entirely up to them! 

When our children are born, we monitor and are very particular about what goes into (and comes out of!) their tiny bodies.  All too soon we introduce them to refined sugars, soft drinks, lollies, fast foods and before we know it – we’re hooked!  Why do we do this over and over when there are so many beautiful foods that not only taste better, but are so much better for us?

So here I am ...

Hi, I am Lynell (pronounced Lyn-elle).  I live in Australia with my  gorgeous husband and best friend, our 2 beautiful children and 1 very awesome miniature Poodle.  I have over 30 years IT experience in  both Banking & Finance and Health Sectors and we have lived and worked internationally.   I currently work full time as an IT Consultant.

I have a passion for creating strong, healthy, active bodies with nourishing food.  This website is the result of frequent questions over the years by colleagues and friends on our healthy eating lifestyle, kids and juggling the work/life balance.    Along with the quiet and persistent encouragement of my husband :).

Everything I know and share has come from decades of experience as a working mum, my own health issues and my wonderful teachers/mentors  who've helped guide my journey - my Naturopath, Yoga Teacher, Kinesiologist and Osteopath,  to name a few. 

It is my sincere hope that this site provides you with practical ideas, support for busy working parents and food for thought for your own journey.

I'll just finish up here with a thought that I've been working with for years now ......

"What would our bodies look and feel like if we only ate what we were supposed to, when we were supposed to?  

With so much still unknown about how our bodies function and speculation about effects of different foods and substances, do we even know what that would look like?  

How many aches and pains, illnesses and diseases would it eliminate?  What would our quality of life be?"

From me to you .... Happy Healthy Eating!