Homemade Bread Recipes

Why buy bread from the bakery or 'fluff' from the supermarket, when you can bake fresh, wholesome bread at home with these beautiful homemade bread recipes.  It's easy with NO added nasties!  

Why homemade bread?

If you take a look at the ingredients of a normal loaf of bread from the supermarket, you will find all kinds of additives and preservatives that are not present in homemade bread.  For more on this, Choice Magazine Australia has an interesting article.  Clicking on the link below will open the article in a separate window.


Take the Opportunity to Vary the Grains

The main ingredients in homemade bread are flour, water and yeast.   Wheat flour is the most commonly used flour in baking bread.  However we seem to consume so much wheat today, in our bread, pasta, pizza, biscuits, cakes and pastries – and that’s just the wheat that we can see!   

Wheat is also hidden in lots of foods.  It seems to be in everything, even most ice creams and the chocolate sprinkles on top of your cappuccino!   It’s an interesting exercise to take a look at how much wheat you’re consuming as part of your food diary analysis.   To find a lot of the hidden wheat you will also need to look at the ingredient labels of the food you're buying. 

On a personal note, the last 10 years has seen me become increasingly intolerant to wheat especially, but also grains in general.  Symptoms include feeling bloated, but with wheat my head gets very foggy and I find it impossible to concentrate at work.  

This is one area where we can start to vary the grains in our diet.

In my quest to eliminate wheat, I have been using organic spelt flour as a substitute in all my homemade bread recipes.   Spelt is an ancient grain  (a more nutritious cousin to modern wheat) that has not been altered since biblical times.  As the genetic makeup of Spelt is different from wheat, it is a grain that many people who are sensitive to wheat can tolerate, even though it contains gluten.  Spelt is NOT gluten free, so if this is an issue for you, please consult your health care professional first.       

We make our bread using a bread maker, as I seriously don't have time to do it the old fashioned way, although I love the idea of it.   I love to use the longest french bread setting on my machine (6 hours) overnight to give the gluten time to resolve itself and bake a gorgeous crusty loaf.  There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread wafting through the house!

More information on our experience of bread makers here.

Homemade Bread Recipes

Time to cut to the chase...  Here are a few simply beautiful homemade bread recipes to get you started:

Spelt Bread 

Bread Rolls


Pizza Dough


Happy Healthy Eating!