Lunch Box Recipes - Roast Vegetable Salad

This Roast Vegetable Salad Recipe is a fantastic lunch box recipe.  Vegetables can be roasted ahead of time, making it very simple and quick to put together.  You won't feel the need to go out for lunch with this feast awaiting you :)

I will usually 'theme' our salads during the week, so it's different most days.  See Serving Suggestions/Additional Notes below for more....

Roasting Vegetables for the lunch box

My favourites vegetables to roast at the moment are pumpkin, capsicum, eggplant* and beetroot**.  

To roast vegetables:  

1.  Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.  

2.  Wash and slice vegetables.

3.  Arrange vegetables in a single layer on a large baking tray.  

4.  Brush sparingly with olive oil and bake for approximately 40 mins.

5.  Allow to cool.  Store in an airtight container in the fridge.


* If roasting eggplant, slice and sprinkle with salt.  Allow to sit for 10 minutes, rinse and pat dry with a paper towel.  Then continue from step 3 above.

** If roasting beetroot, remove top and tail and wrap in aluminium foil with 2 tsp water.  Place in oven at 180 degrees celsius for 1 hour.  Allow to cool and then the skin will slip easily from the beetroot.  Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

For your convenience, here's the print friendly PDF version of this recipe.

Happy Healthy Eating!